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Since 1904, over one hundred years ago, the NPTA has been an integral part of the world’s piano industry and is the oldest trade group under the banner of NAMM. Back in 1901 a group of 52 piano dealers banded together to form an organization known as Piano Dealers of America, ostensibly to combat unscrupulous tactics used by some merchants to market their pianos.  Remember, in those days the piano was the second most popular consumer item in America! Did you know there were 325,000 pianos built in the United States in the year 1923? What happened from then to now? Also on the scene was the Piano Manufacturers Association (PMA) formed primarily to “black-list” lazy workers, strikers, and (if you can believe it) disloyal and dishonest piano travelers! Well, this raised the dander of those travelers who went before us, and the National Piano Travelers Association came into existence in 1904, its initial purpose being to counteract some of the PMA’s actions.  Most likely their efforts weren’t too effective, but the fact that a group of traveling salesmen got together at each music convention to meet and discuss mutual problems (and probably to swap a few lies, too!) shows the common bond that grew and grew. We’re proud of how our membership has grown during the almost one hundred years – now, we are truly………

“An International Organization of Keyboard Representatives”

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The National Piano Travelers Association does not have any requirements to belong except a business or personal association, with a “relationship” with the world’s piano industry. We welcome retailers, wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, and technicians into our midst.   If a person has any connection with an instrument that has 88 keys (more-or-less), and supports the piano industry and the “traveler”, he or she is welcome!  The NPTA is a benevolent organization whose primary purpose is to promote comradeship among piano men and women.  Piano travelers are not your run-of-the-mill salesmen and women; rather folks whose visits are looked forward to by piano dealers worldwide. We are professionals! We offer only the finest, honest and current information and advice to those who depend on us.  We don’t tell tales, spread rumors, misinform, or waste precious time! For the most part, a piano traveler, no matter his company affiliation, if in need in any city, town or hamlet in the world, could and would find a friend. It is my belief that in no other industry anywhere would this be the case.