NPTA is growing!   At NAMM 2016, more piano industry professionals from many companies gathered together for the annual meeting and dinner than in any of the past few years.   A spirit of unity and goodwill binds us together and once per year we gather to discuss the state of the industry, the opportunities before us all, and we enjoy one and another’s company as we reflect on the year behind and those ahead.   National Piano Travelers Association is the OLDEST NAMM ASSOCIATION still around today!   Join us every year at NAMM, and make sure you also enjoy our newsletter “The Piano Rag”, which you can view here on pianotravelers,com  from the home page!
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We will be again hosting our annual dinner meeting at the Red Lion Hotel this coming NAMM in January 2017 at:
The Red Lion Hotel And Suites
Serafina Room
Saturday, January 21st
$40 per person, includes one drink ticket
6:00 Reception
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Meeting
Great news!
Our Paypal account has now been finalized and we can now take payments online! Go to “Make A Payment” and select the “recurring payment option” – (it will not be a recurring charge, but its the one that works!)